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Dr. Ruchie Rawat

Sheffield School Roorkee

                      “Learning never exhausts the mind.”     – Leonardo da Vinci

As Principal of SHEFFIELD School Roorkee,  it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website. We thank you for taking the time to visit. We hope to provide you with some useful information. The website showcases the wealth of experiences we offer the children and gives them a wider audience for their wonderful work. We hope you enjoy your visit and return regularly to check out our latest news.

Each child who arrives in SHEFFIELD comes with their own individual challenges. Our task during their time in SHEFFIELD is to help them to come to love and accept themselves as they are, and to believe what is true; that they have much to offer this world should they choose to fulfill their own unique potential. We try to build their self-confidence so that they are unafraid to take the risk of attempting new challenges, to help them blossom and grow as individuals and to give them the academic, social and emotional skills to enable them to better realise their true potential.

Every day I have the privilege of witnessing wonderful children achieve this transformation for themselves and emerge more confident and assured of their worth as individuals, helped by the loving and guiding presence of parents, teachers and other members of the school community.

It is above all else a true sense of community, where each member makes his or her own unique contribution, and where all experience the joys and struggles of working and growing together, which makes SHEFFIELD a truly special place.

If you would like to here more about our school, or arrange a visit, please follow the contact links and rest assured you will be more than welcome."


                                                                                             - Dr. Ruchie Rawat
                                                                                              M.Phil(Ed.), MA.Ed., B.Ed

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Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is special and has her own finest quality and learning ability. Therefore, we seek to provide a learning environment which is positive, supportive yet challenging, thus allowing our students to achieve their personal best. We strive to inculcate the right values to be perseverant and futurist.


1878 – Sheffield High School for Girls opens its doors to its first pupils in rooms on Surrey Street, Sheffield.

Sheffield School Than Expand to US, NZ, AUSTRALIA, DUBAI & many more Countries.

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